Diet in CancerPatients

1: Early detection of cancer will save lives.
 Avoid spicy foods, do not starve, drink plenty of liquids
 Fruit juices and tender coconut water on the advice of your doctor, especially if you are a diabetic or having renal dysfunction
 Light food before therapy on treatment days
 Ice creams, milk shakes, jelly, custard and porridge especially if you have mouth ulcers
 Butter milk to improve your gut microbial flora
 Hygienic food and water. No outside food. Avoid aerated drinks, and alcohol

2: After surgery
 Small, frequent feeds, easily digsestible non-greasy food
 High protein intake (if no jaundice). Fiber rich food to avoid constipation

3: To Prevent Cancer
 Fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grain cereals
 Avoid maida containing spicy food, avoid drinking well - water
 Strictly do not use tobacco - in any form and alcohol
 Avoid fatty foods, take fibre rich food