Welcome to Cure Your Cancer

Cure Your Cancer is a comprehensive cancer care center, which is run by Dr. Vibhor Mahendru, One of the top oncologist in Lucknow. We have emerged as a Trust Worthy Centre Redefining Oncology in many thoughtful ways, extending lifelines to affected people. His clinic is located in Lucknow and the center offers Surgical, Medical and Radiation Oncology management under one roof.
Dr. Vibhor not only treats diagnosed cancer patients with high quality and precision, but also has facilities for early detection and diagnosis of cancer at an affordable cost and for cancer education and research. When patients are from the economically lower strata, the cancer has committed to treat them for which it has allotted ten percent of the machine time free. Cancer prevention is an integral part of his clinic, Where it has Dietician and Psychologist, who not only counsel the patients, but also accomplish the understanding of the importance of balanced diet and positive line of thinking.
Dr. Vibhor conducts periodic Free Cancer Screening and Detection camp for the general public, Cancer Education and Awareness programmes for the school children and continuing Medical and Education programmes for the medical fraternity.